Notice Board

Sl. No. Notices Status
1 Publication of result of 2nd Semester 2018 Summer (Regular & Ex-regular)
2 Engagement of One Data Entry Operator in Govt Polytechnic for SCTE&VT Odisha
3 Non Submission Of Bio-Metric Attendance Of Regular 3rd & 5th Semester Students
4 Bio-Metric Registration of 2018 Admitted Regular & Lateral Entry Students of Private Polytechnics
5 Final Revised Syllabus of 1st & 2nd semester w.e.f 2018-2019 Session
6 Letter to Principals on Student Registration
7 Faculty registration of all Polytechnics through Make My Report Opened upto 15-09-2018
8 Notice for Submission of Data Relating to branch Change cases of Defaulter Institutes at the Council
9 Notification for publication of 4th Semester Regular Summer 2018 Diploma Examination
10 Notice for Submission of data relating to Re-Admission cases of 1st semester 2018 at institute level open up to 31-08-2018
11 Revised date of Principals meet on 25.08.2018
12 Principals’ Conference of all Polytechnics affiliated by SCTE&VT Odisha on 24.08.2018.
13 Declaration of results of 1st Semester Ex-regular and 3rd Semester Ex-regular of 2018 Summer Examination.
14 Revised Diploma Syllabus of 1st & 2nd Semester 2018-19
15 Notice for awareness of bio-metric attendance in Diploma courses of SCTE&VT Odisha.
16 Notice for issue of Diploma certificates & Divisional marksheet
17 List(5) of Faculties Not Submitted their Photographs during Faculty Interaction Program during 20-22 June 2018
18 List(4) of Faculties Not Submitted their Photographs during Faculty Interaction Program during 20-22 June 2018
19 Notice for uploading data of Re-admission cases of 3rd & 5th Semester
20 List(3) of Faculties Not Submitted their Photographs during Faculty Interaction Program during 20-22 June 2018
21 Affiliation notice for PDIS Courses
22 Notice for Submission of data relating to Branch Change & Deactivation of Students
23 List(2) of Faculties Not Submitted their Photographs during Faculty Interaction Program during 20-22 June 2018
24 List(1) of Faculties Not Submitted their Photographs during Faculty Interaction Program during 20-22 June 2018
25 Notice for Submission of Photographs of Faculties attended Interaction Session between 20-22 June 2018
26 Notification regarding Cancellation of 6th semester summer-2018 examination papers of the candidates for matching of Answer.
27 Publication of ex regular result of 1st,2nd, 3rd & 4th semester summer 2018 examination
28 Publication of result of 5th Semester (Ex-Regular) 2018 Summer Exam.
29 Publication of result of 6th Semester (Regular & Ex-regular) of 2018 Summer.
30 Curbing the menace of ragging in the state of Odisha.
32 Workshop for Bio Metric Administrators of Govt & Private Polytechnics at SCTE&VT
33 Academic Calendar of Diploma Stream for the session 2018-19.
34 Format for application for affiliation Form One mail to along with copy of Money receipt and AICTE Approval copy
35 Affiliation notice with revised fees norms of SCTE&VT Odisha for all engineering schools & polytechnics
36 Notice for extension for timeline for application of affiliation
37 Notice for extension of date for affiliation
38 Faculty list for interaction program
39 Notice for instruction and schedule for faculty interaction program
40 Notice for extension of date for applying affiliation
41 Revised Notice for entry of IA,sessional and practical marks of Summer2018 exam
42 Guidelines for application for affiliation
43 Workshop Practice-II of 3rd Semester Mechanical question is of 75 marks instead of 100. Calculate marks and upload it proportionately.
44 Notice Inviting application for affiliation from SCTE&VT for Diploma Courses
45 Self Declaration Proforma for submission for seeking affiliation
46 Norms & Requirements for SCTE&VT Affiliation for Diploma Courses
47 Submission of CD/DVD of the 2018 Summer Examination(Theory & Practical) at Nodal centre.
48 Corrigendum Notice
49 Entry of internal,sessional,and practical marks of 1st,4th,5th&6th semester of 2018 summer examination
50 Notice for Practical Examination for 2nd & 3rd Semester regarding External, Internal, Jobs, etc.
51 Bill of Materials for 3rd Semester Mechanical- Workshop Practice-III.
52 Notice relating to Faculty Development Programme to be undertaken by SCTE&VT,Odisha
53 Extention of Confidential duty of Summer2018 exam
54 Yearly pattern exam schedule of BPFTIO,CTC
55 Common Question paper of BEP-105-Engineering Drawing for both 1st and 2nd Semester Examination on 01.06.2018.
56 REVISED Bill of Materials for 2nd Semester Common-BEP-106-Workshop Practice Examination.
57 Selection of Procurement Specialist(Civil Works) of DTET Odisha
58 Govt.Resolution for reimbursement of course fees
59 Issue of 2nd phase of confidential materials for 2nd & 3rd Semester of 2018 Summer Examination.
60 Notice for neglect in E-Evaluation work of Summer2018 diploma exam.
61 Downloading of Admit cards & Descriptive Roll of 2nd & 3rd Semester 2018 Summer Semester Exam.
62 Downloading of Descriptive Rollof 2nd sem and 3rd sem Summer18 exam has been activated upto 19.5.2018
63 Downloading of Admit cards of 2nd and 3rd sem Summer2018 exam has been activated upto19.5.2018
64 Issue of confidential materials for 2nd & 3rd Semester of 2018 Summer Examination.
65 Entering of eligibility status of 2nd Semester Regular & LE students of Summer 2018 Exam.
66 Revised Exam schedule of 2nd sem 2018 Post Diploma in Ind Safety
67 Tender for Hiring of DEO’s at District level-1
68 Notice for faculty registration and evaluation of answerbooks of Summer2018 diploma Examination
69 Remuneration to Squad members
70 Verification of Eligibility Qualification Certificate(10+/+2/ITI)
71 Postpone of practical examination of 2nd & 3rd Semester from 04.05.2018 to 04.06.2018.
72 Post Diploma in Industrial Safety(PDIS) 2nd sem exam Schedule
73 Issue of 2nd Phase of Confidential Materials for 2018 Summer Examinations.
74 Extention of form fill up for 2nd sem and 3rd sem S18 and question indent for the above exam.
75 Faculty registration for e-evaluation relating to 2018 summer examinations
76 Form fill up notice for 2nd sem (Reg+EXR) and 3rd sem ExR Summer2018 exam
77 Packing Instructions For Diploma Summer 2018 Examination
78 Modification notice for Centre suprdnt
79 Centre Superintendent Notification for Summer2018 diploma Exam
80 Examination shall start at 8AM instead of 7AM for 2018 Summer Diploma Examination of the SCTE&VTOdisha for all the semesters.
81 Instructions to Centre Superintendent & Flying Squad for Summer 2018 Exam
82 Bringing Question Indent while receiving confidential materials for 2018 Summer Examination.
83 Standard Operating Procedure for maintaining standards of academics in Polytechnics
84 Notice for distribution of blank answerbooks &ED sheets of Summer2018 diploma exam
85 Notice for issue of confidential materials of Summer2018 diploma exam
86 Notification for change in examination timing of Summer18 exam and revised date for 1st sem Engg Drawing exam
87 Appointment of Centre Superintendent for Practical Examinations of 2018 Summer Examinations.
88 Practical Examinations-appointment of Externals & deposit of jobs ata Nodal centres
89 Issue of Confidential Materials for 2018 Summer Examination.
90 Bill of Materials for Workshop Practice 1st Semester and 4th Semester(Mech.) of 2018 Summer Examination
91 Notification for publication of result of 3rd Sem W17 exam
92 Notification of examination programme of 2018 Summer Examination.
93 Detail Examination Programme of Summer 2018 for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Semester.
94 Notice for entering elligibility status of 4th,6th and 8th sem (PT) regular students and online payment of exam fees Summer18
95 Submission of data for E-Question delivery
96 Modification to Clarification Notice No.1650 dt.07.04.2018.
97 Notice for extension of form fill up of ex-regular students of summer 2018 exams
98 Sanction is hereby accorded to a tune of Rs 52,69,890/-only towards refund of centre charge @Rs 35 per student out of examination fees deposited by 162 no.s of Institutions(List enclosed) for 2017(W) Diploma examination in pursuance to SCTE&VT oder no 6717 dtd 22.12.2017
99 Notification for publication of Result of 5th sem Winter2017(Regularand EX Regular)
100 Clarification on form fill up of Summer 2018 Regular exam
101 Notice extention of formfill up date for Summer2018 exam
102 Deletion of inelligible cases of previous semester(W17) from the current regular form fill up(Summer2018)
103 Publication or result of 4th Semester 2017 Winter(Ex-regular) Examination.
104 Publication or result of 2nd Semester 2017 Winter(Ex-regular) Examination.
105 Notice for extention Form Fill up of Summer 2018 exam
106 Extention of form fill up for Regular 2nd,4th and 6th sem Summer18 exam
107 Publication of result of 6th Semester 2017 Winter Examination ( Ex-regular).
108 Publication of result of 1st Semester 2017 Winter Examination (Regular& Ex-regular).
109 Extention of form fill up of 2nd,4th and 6th sem for Summer2018 exam
110 Guidelines and option to implement E-question delivery system in Diploma examination.
111 Issue of admit cards for +2 equivalent examination to examinees from 20.3.2018
112 Notice for Linking of Biometric server of private Polytechnics to State Application Portal
113 Submission of Question Indent for 4th Regular and 6th regular of 2018 Summer Examination
114 Form fill up notice for 2nd/4th/6th Sem (Regular) summer 2018 exam
115 Notice for correction of Student profile
116 Notice for +2 equivalent Examination for lateral entry students of diploma Engineering programme
117 Faculty Development Programme for Govt & Private Polytechnic For Quality Improvement
118 Notice for forwarding discrepancies encountered during Conduct/Generation of packing slips of winter 2017
119 Rescheduling of Timings of Summer 2016 Diploma exam w.e.f. 14.04.2016
120 Issue of Diploma certificate and Divisional Mark sheets for 2016 Summer passed out students
121 Academic Calendar for Diploma stream of SCTE&VT Odisha
122 Submission of Cancelled SLC/CLC etc for 2016 Diploma admitted candidates by Institutes at Nodal Centers
123 Online issue of Diploma certificate & Mark sheet of Winter-2016