The council consists of various committee who look into the various sections of the council such as Finance, Advisory Committee,Inspection Assessment Committee,Executive Committee etc.The various committees members and description of their respective responsibilities are as follows:

Advisory Committee
Sl. No. Title Designation
1 Director of Technical Education & Training, Odisha, Cuttack. Chairman
2 Vice Chancellor, BPUT or his Representative Member
3 Vice-Chairman, State Council for Technical Education &
Vocational Training, Odisha. Bhubaneswar.
4 General Manager, Central Tool Room & Training Centre,
5 Officials from Govt. of Odisha/Joint Secretary to Government,
SD & TE Department, Bhubaneswar, dealing with Technical Education
6 Principal, Kalinga Polytechnic, Bhubaneswar
(One representative from Private Diploma Institution)
7 Principal, Sambalpur, ITC Balasore (One representative from Private ITCs.) Member
The advisory committee suggests new initiative to be taken up by Council for streamlining of its activities

Finance Committee
Sl. No. Title Designation
1 Vice Chairman, S.C.T.E & V.T Chairman
2 F. A-cum-Jt, Secretary, SD & TE Deptt Member
3 Representative of Finance Deptt. Government of Odisha Member
4 Dy. Director dealing with Technical Education of D.T.E & T, Odisha.: Member
5 Secretary, S.C.T.E & V.T Member
  • To prepare the annual budget to be placed before the Executive Committee.
  • To make recommendations of the Execution Committee on all matters relating to the Finances of the Council.
  • To examine proposals of new expenditure and to advise the Executive Committee.
  • To watch the progress of receipts and expenditure provided in the financial estimated from month to month and to make such reports and recommendations to the Executive Committee as may be necessary on matters affecting the Finance of the Council.
  • To make proposals to the Executive Committee for revising budget estimates as and when necessary.
  • To frame rules subject to the provisions of OGFR and standing order of Government, with the approval of the Executive Committee to regulate the accounting procedure to be followed by the Council and
  • To consider any other matter referred to it relating to the Finance of the Council.
  • The Finance Committee shall meet at least once every quarter of a year.

Inspection Assessment Committee
Sl. No. Title Designation
1  Director of Technical Education and Training, Odisha, Cuttack Chairman
2  Joint Director (Academic) Member
3  Representative of Principal, T.T.T.I., Calcutta Member
4  Representative of Director, C.S.T.R.I. Member
5  Representative of NALCO Member
6  Representative of C.I.I., Bhubaneswar Member
7  Representative of Govt. of Odisha, SD & TE Department Member
8  Secretary, S.C.T.E & V.T. Member
  • Scrutinize applications for affiliation and necessary recommendation to the concerned Board, AICTE & NCVT.
  • The Committee is Competent to call for any information for the purpose of affiliation and De-affiliation.
  • Appoint Inspecting Officer as and when necessary to visit Institutions to assess standard of teaching and completion of Syllabus.
  • To follow the procedure laid down by AICTE & DGE&T for recommendation for affiliation.

Executive Committee
Sl. No. Title Designation
1 Vice Chairman, S.C.T.E & V.T Chairman
2 Nominee of  DTET Member
3 Director of Employment, Odisha or his representative Member
4 Dy. Director –cum-Dy. Dy. Secretary to Govt., SD & TE Department Member
5 Secretary, SCTE & V.T. Member
  • To provide or to purchase furniture and Equipment etc.
  • To direct custody and use of the seal of the Council.
  • To determine the requirement of personel of the Council, their salaries and other emoluments, conditions of their service including appointment, discipline, leave, pension, provident fund benefits.
  • Selection of the staff to be deputed to work under Council of all catagories of Class-II officers and below.
  • To administer of all properties and funds placed at the disposal of the Council for specified purpose.
  • To determine travelling expences and allowances to be paid to persons engaged in Council business.
  • To make its own standing order to regulate disposal of its business.
  • To determine the accounts that shall be managed by the Council.
  • To prepare the budget estimate of the Council.
  • To sanction, abolish or to keep in abeyance any post of the Establishment.
  • To collect necessary fees.
  • To incure non-recurring expenditure by reappropriation from one detail head to another in the same account.
  • The Executive Committee shall the be appointing authority in respect of appointments to the posts to be filled up on direct recruitment subject to the instant delegation of powers as per the provision of By-Laws and State Government’s instructions issued from time to time.
  • To suggest amendments if and when necessary to the Council.
  • To make necessary action for the preparation and publication of any text books and others materials as and when required.
  • The Executive Committee shall meet as and when required to conduct efficenttly the business of the Council in its day-to day administration on dates and hours to be fixed from time to time by the Vice Chairman.
  • A minimum of one week’s notice shall be given for convening any meeting of the Executive Committee.
  • Special or emergency meeting of the Executive Committee can be called at short notice.

Examination Committee
Sl. No. Title Designation
1 Vice Chairman, SCTE&VT Chairman
2 Principal, CET, Bhubaneswar Co-Chairman
3 D.T.E.T, Odisha or his representative Member
4 Dr. D.K. Samantray, Principal, Jaydev College, Naharkanta(Pharmacy) Member
5 Principal of Govt. Engineering Schools & Polytechnics Member
6 Controller of Examination, SCTE & VT Chief Tabullator of Examination Member Secretary
7 Chief Tabulator of Examination Invited Member
  • Control the examinations conducted by the Council.
  • Appoint Examiners, paper-setters, Moderators of Qustion papers.
  • Appoint Tabulators.
  • Lay down instructions to be issued to candidates, Examiners, Superintendents of Examination Centers and all others concerned with the Examinations.
  • Select Centres for examination and fix dates for each examination.
  • Prescribe form of applications to be filled in by candidates applying for permission to appear in the examinations and the Forms of Certificates to be granted to successful candidates.
  • Consider cases of malpractice and award punishment to candidates concerned.
  • Fix Centres of valuation, if necessary.
  • Recommend fees to be paid for different examinations.
  • Recommend fees to be paid for issue of provisional Certificates and Migration Certificates.
  • Recommend fees for receipt of marks and retotalling of marks.
  • Recommend all other fees that may be necessary from time to time for efficient condut of examination.
  • Declare the results of the examination.
  • Recommend Rules relating of the examination.
  • Take such other steps not inconsistent with the Government orders, recommendations management of the examinations and Trade Test.

Curriculum And Learning resource Development committee
Sl. No. Title Designation
1 Vice Chairman, SCTE & VT, Odisha Chairman
2 Deputy Director (CDC & FD) Office of the DTE&T, Odisha Member
3 Two faculty members in the related subject from Engineering Schools
and Polytechnics and Engg. Colleges.
4 One Representative from related SD & TE. Member
5 Representative from NITTTR, Kolkata Member
6 Controller of Examination, SCTE&VT, Odisha, Bhubaneswar Member Secretary
  • Preparation of curriculum for diploma and post diploma Courses(theory and practical)
  • Modification of syllabus
  • Pattern of teaching
  • Recommending text books,journals etc
  • Development of learning resource material


Organisation Overview
E-Governance Initiatives
Staff/Faculty Development
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