Staff/Faculty Development

In the present scenario the role of techno craft plays a vital significant due to the modernization and rapid industrialization. In these regards SCTE&VT has taken a great initiative by improvising and enhancing the credibility of diploma and ITI colleges across the state.  SCTE&VT facilitated qualified and highly experienced individuals as the faculties of different educational institutions. The scholastic curriculum and methodologies approached by the SCTE&VT are absolutely incredible.

All the institutions under SCTE&VT provide library facility for enthusiastic learning of students. The students can easily upgrade themselves in accordance to the modern day technology by spending more hours in Library.

There were well-equipped workshops and laboratories to facilitate students to put their knowledge in to practical application. As they spend valuable time at these laboratories, their skills are continuously honed. Ultimately in future, these practical experiences enable them to give solutions for any and every problem in their work and will be a great boost to decrease the technical manpower of the state.


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